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I love the holidays, I mean who doesn’t! I love the time spent with family, I love decorating the house, and I love the family traditions that have been past on for generations. To me, the holidays are all about love and family. We gather together to eat, laugh and make more memories. Even more important is keeping old memories and traditions alive and passing them down to my children. And my most favorite tradition is making my great grandmother’s homemade stuffing recipe. The Thanksgiving Holiday is by far my favorite holiday, just food, family, and friends! And no Thanksgiving feast is complete without my Great Grandma June’s homemade stuffing. I have such fond memories of Grandma June and I in our aprons early Thanksgiving morning before anyone else was up. Just me and June…giggling and laughing and creating our own little memories, like special secrets between the two of us. I will cherish these special moments for the rest of my life. Now that Thanksgiving has moved to my own home, I strive to create those memories for my children (and hopefully someday grandchildren). Thanksgiving morning, we will wake up and turn on the tv to the Macy’s parade. We will put on our aprons, turn on the oven, and start cooking. We will laugh, we will make a mess, and we will make our own little secret memories. I can only hope that my children will continue on with this tradition and their children because in my mind Thanksgiving does not happen without Great Grandma Junes Stuffing!!!!

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