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Home Buyers: There's Still Time Left To Buy A House Before The Holidays

Buying a Home by Christmas? Here's Your 3-Step Checklist

1. Get A Realtor On Your Side

Sell Your Current Home

If you need to sell your current home before you close on a new one, whether for logistical reasons or for cash flow, I recommend enlisting a Realtor's guidance to make sure you're on track for your goals.

It's not just because I'm biased!

We are many things for our clients - we can share resources for professionals to give your home a fresh coat of paint, stagers, home inspectors, and even might already know the perfect buyers for your home!

Plan For Your Home Search

A Realtor is a valuable ally in the homebuying process. We know the homes for sale, local schools, parks and recreation spots, and the down-low on each neighborhood like the back of our hands!

2. Get Pre-Approved For A Home Quickly

Well, really this goes hand and hand with teaming up with a Realtor. Getting pre-approved will help you know what kind of property you can afford.

Plus, If we're working fast to get into your new dream home so you can put those decorations up by Christmas morning, there's no time to spare by barking up the wrong tree.

3. Holiday (Home) Shopping

Once you're pre-approved, we start looking for properties that are in your target area, your price range, and that have the features and amenities that you and your family need.

Fall is a gorgeous time to shop for a home. The leaves are changing and you can explore the neighborhood and nearby green spaces in the crisp fall air. But, the season also comes with its drawbacks, such as cold temperatures and shorter days. If you tour a home in fall and winter, you'll need to imagine what a house might look and feel like in spring and summer.

Fall Is The Home-Buyer's Sweet Spot

There are many reasons why this season is ideal for home-buyers. Nerd Wallet found nationally that while inventory is abundant in the summer months, it actually continues to expand even after prices start to drop in preparation for the winter market.

Fall is the best season to search for homes because there are fewer buyers during this period of the year. Plus, there are fewer people competing for houses, so it's easier to find what you want.

The chances of finding a great deal or negotiating on price increases significantly as fewer offers come in. Quicken Loans puts it nicely by saying, “Negotiation is all about who holds the cards. In busy markets where houses receive many offers and sell quick, buyers don’t generally have a ton of leverage to negotiate. But when there isn’t as much competition, there’s more wiggle room for the buyer to ask a seller to sweeten the deal.”

Should You Buy A House Before The Holidays?

No matter the time of year, buying a house is an investment. Whether you should buy a house before the holidays or not depends on your priorities and goals. If you're ready to get pre-approved, work with a team of experts to find amazing homes in your area, and pack your holiday decorations in your "day of" moving box, then it might be the perfect time for you to purchase!

A home is so much more than a place that you hang your hat (or stockings). It is the place where your memories happen. I am ready when you are.

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