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Quick Weekend Getaways

​With spring in the air and summer just right around the corner, my thoughts go to travel. To me, there is nothing better than a quick car trip out of town for the weekend. Here in the Shenandoah Valley, we are lucky enough to be surrounded by some pretty fantastic places to visit, all within a quick drive of Winchester. Below are my top five quick road trip destinations!

1. Middleburg, VA: Now I know that we have all been to Middleburg one hundred thousand times before, but have you really spent time in Middleburg?? One of my favorite trips was the weekend I spent in Middleburg. We all know about the adorable downtown shops and restaurants. We all know about the Salamander. But there are also a ton of beautiful wineries, walking trails, fun taverns to enjoy. All within walking distance! We stayed at the Red Fox Inn and I CAN NOT WAIT TO GO BACK. This is an easy trip from Winchester, spend the weekend, you will not be disappointed.

​2. Baltimore, MD: If you haven’t been to Baltimore for the aquarium, stop reading and go now. One word, fabulous! But that is not where your Baltimore adventures end! Camden Yards is a must, enjoy a fun baseball game with the family and some of the best ballparks for I have ever had. And definitely stop off at the Inner Harbor for food, shopping, and entertainment. You could lose yourself for hours there!

​3. Richmond, VA: Honestly, I haven’t ever been there just for fun! But it is definitely at the top of my list. I think I am overwhelmed by the endless possibilities! You could definitely spend the whole weekend touring museums, but I have heard start with the Holocaust Museum. While it is heavy, it is impressive. Be sure to head on over to Carytown for food, shopping, and good music! And of course, if the kids or in tow (and fun-loving adults), hit up Kings Dominion for a full day of adventure.

4. Charlottesville, VA: One of my favorite small, big towns in Virginia! It is just plain gorgeous!!!! Stop off at UVA for a lacrosse game on a sunny Saturday, it is sure to be action-packed, plus you can walk around the absolutely breath-taking university. The downtown walking mall is VAST and full of wonderful shops and restaurants. If you are into burgers, run to Citizen Burger…like now. And surely everyone knows about Monticello. But I am here to tell you, it is impressive and has the very best views that I have ever seen. It is worth the trip alone (along with Citizen Burger!)

5. Frederick, MD: This town is simply one word, charming! You could spend days on the walking mall alone. At over 50 blocks over stores, breweries, and a public art trail, you could lose yourself for days! If the weather is nice, try a hike in the Catoctin Mountains complete with pools and waterfalls, plus a drive-through safari park nearby. Frederick is bound to be a hit with the whole family!

​Whatever you are up to this spring, make sure that you get out and explore this great state and surrounding areas. To me, there is nothing like the beauty of the Shenandoah Valley. So gas up the car, hit the road, and make some memories.

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