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A New Way Of Life

This is not how I envisioned the spring/summer season. Thankfully, the housing market has not taken a hit. Here in Winchester, VA, the market is still hot and moving. Inventory is low, demand is high. Houses are going under contract quickly, with bidding wars not uncommon. However, the real estate business looks very different than what we are used to, life looks different.

I have hit a range of emotions; mad, scared, angry, lonely. I have been worried about my family, friends, and even my business. But, we manage, we navigate through new waters, and we come out stronger. I have been lucky that my business has managed to stay afloat. I have been very lucky that my family has managed to stay healthy and positive. But the thing that I am most thankful for, this extra time.

The one thing that scared me the most has brought me the most time. I have always worked, enjoyed it, thrived in the hustle and bustle. What was life going to look like at a much slower pace? What was it going to mean for me, my family? I honestly could not imagine being home, all the time, with the children... all the time! Instead, I have been relishing this time. We have laughed, stayed up too late, slept in, bought chickens! I have learned that I enjoy the stop and pause. I have grown to find peace in it so much that I can’t imagine ever going back to how things were before. I, of course, will continue to be a realtor, it is what I love. But, I will also remember to stop and pause.

I hope that all have found comfort in the time with family and loved ones. I hope that we will all slow down and keep in mind what really is important. This time with our family is something that we can not let go of. Ever. It is something that we will never get back. So enjoy the little things, I sure am!

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