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Volunteering At Winchester Rescue Mission

I have said it once and I will say it again, I love Winchester and I love this community. I truly believe that to be apart of a community, you need to serve that community. As a realtor, I am lucky enough to serve in many ways. Buying a home is a huge part of a family’s life, I get to be a part of that and help families to achieve their dreams. However, serving in the community and volunteering is even more important. While I have been blessed in many ways, I know that there are people in our community struggling day in and day out. For the last several years I have been volunteering at the Winchester Rescue Mission. The work that this organization does is not only necessary but truly amazing.

The Winchester Rescue Mission was founded in 1973 by Morris Whitaker who quit his job to open up a homeless shelter for men who had found themselves homeless, jobless, or the victim of addiction or mental illness. In February of 2018, the mission expanded by opening up housing for women and they are currently looking into options to help single parents and families. Not only does the Winchester Rescue Mission provide shelter, but there are hot showers, laundry facilities, and daily meals. Currently, food is distributed every day to families needing groceries, lunch is served three days a week, and a hot dinner is served EVERY SINGLE day year round!

With all that the rescue mission does, they need volunteers and lots of them. From preparing food to serving dinner to packing groceries and distributing them, to cleaning and organizing, there is much to be done at the mission and the volunteering opportunities are endless. My family and I love to take part in the dinners, we prepare the food and serve. Knowing that this might be the only meal people will eat that day makes our time serving valuable. Sometimes we have to stop from our own hustle and bustle and pause, look outward, and help those in need. I love my families time at the Winchester Rescue Mission, we come together and do something for others. It fills our hearts while helping such a wonderful organization in our town. It is something for us to take pride in.

If you are interested in serving in the Winchester Rescue mission, I urge you to give it a try! Check out their website at, email, call, schedule a time to go tour the mission. Getting involved in your community and volunteering brings out so much joy in your family and those around you. I urge you to find an opportunity to help those in need whether it be the Winchester Rescue Mission or another organization helping our community. Get involved and be a positive force in helping Winchester and the people of this great town.

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